Friends of the Trail

Jeff_Fortenberry,_official_photo_portrait,_color“The story of Chief Standing Bear is a story of strength, grace, and dignity.
He stood for the protection of the most basic of human rights. It is a story that
needs to be told and told again, understood and cherished by all Americans
of coming generations.”

– Congressman Jeff Fortenberry



tumblr_m9kxwcMP5h1r0jjn0o1_1280“Standing Bear is a Ponca Indian Chief who went to court to prove he was
a person, and in the process redefined what it means to be an American.”

– Christine Lesiak, NET Producer of Standing Bear’s Footsteps




10151_c40d8f27c61f3aa9b1dafdf75226faae“Standing Bear’s story forces us to do what all great stories do: To look more
deeply into ourselves and to question our values. It forces us to walk where he
walked, to feel what he felt. And by doing so, we are able to see the world around
us with more compassionate and sensitive eyes. That is his gift to us.”

– Joe Starita, Author of I Am a Man



cartmill“When I was a kid I had little toy Indians. They were all on horseback or they
were all holding their tomahawks. Get one standing in court, standing for his rights.
I didn’t have that one!”

– Christopher Cartmill, Playwright



Trail Donors

Eileen Ryan-Blauvelt, New York


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