BEATRICE – Work has begun on a trail project that will connect to an existing trail which extends south into Kansas.

The Standing Bear Trail is named after Chief Standing Bear and follows the path he took the Ponca tribe on to get to Oklahoma. Beatrice City Administrator Tobias Tempelmeyer says the portion the city is building will connect to a previously completed part of the trail.

“From my understanding [the] Kansas [trail] is already built, and so it already meets once it crosses the Kansas line there is already a group down there that already built their portion of it. The Nebraska Trails Foundation has built from the Kansas line up to where the city stops ownership, at about two miles outside of town. So our leg is to build from two miles outside of town in to the Dempsters area.”

R.L. Tiemann Construction is building the trail in Beatrice, and was working on 6th Street Tuesday.

“The starting point eventually will be at Trailhead Park at 2nd and Court Street. That will be, kind of, the start of it. From there it will go through the industrial area, through the south side of downtown and come out by Dempsters and over by the recycling center and head out of town from there before it ends up at the Kansas border.”

The trail will be paved in town, and become a rock trail outside of town.

“The trail will be used by anybody. If you want to go out and tack a bike ride, or a run, or a walk it will be available. I think the best part about this trail, is that it kind of follows along by the river and has some great views as you head out of town. ”

Tempelmeyer says construction should be complete in the next few weeks, and the trail will open to the public shortly after.


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