Editorial, 5/14: A fitting memorial for Standing Bear


May 13, 2015 11:59 pm  •  BY THE JOURNAL STAR EDITORIAL BOARD Republicans boast that Congress can get things done in Washington now that they have taken control of both the House and the Senate. One way they could make good on the claim is to approve a… [ Read More ]

Standing Strong for Chief Standing Bear, A Native Hero


The route of the Ponca Tribe’s forced march from Nebraska to Oklahoma in 1877 could soon be designated a National Historic Trail, thanks in part to students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The little-known trail is important not only because it retraces yet another devastating removal of Indigenous… [ Read More ]

Ponca museum reflects tribe’s efforts to maintain homeland, identity


By Todd von Kampen / World-Herald Correspondent Like the town in which it sits, the Ponca Tribal Museum and Library reflects human determination to survive where the Niobrara and Missouri Rivers meet. Founded in 1997, the museum moved in 2011 into a community building…  [ Read More at Omaha.com… [ Read More ]

Standing Bear Trial To Standing Bear Trail


by Jackie Sojico, NET Radio Listen to the full story on netnebraska.com Before 1879, Native Americans weren’t recognized as people under United States Federal law. That all changed because of a trial in Omaha, and because of a member of the Ponca tribe named Standing Bear. Today there… [ Read More ]

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