Dirt added to Standing Bear Trail entrance


The entrance to Chief Standing Bear Trail off of Sixth Street is starting to take shape as R.L Tiemann Construction workers can be seen putting down dirt that will eventually be used to plant grass, trees and shrubbery. “They’ve started doing some dirt work there and hopefully we… [ Read More ]

The Long Struggle


The story of Standing Bear’s trial is celebrated in the region as a story of courtroom triumph and the recognition of Indians as persons under U.S. law. The story of the removal and eventual return of the Ponca people that preceded the trial is a lesser-known story. A new… [ Read More ]

Construction Continues For Standing Bear Trail In Beatrice


BEATRICE – Work has begun on a trail project that will connect to an existing trail which extends south into Kansas. The Standing Bear Trail is named after Chief Standing Bear and follows the path he took the Ponca tribe on to get to Oklahoma. Beatrice City Administrator… [ Read More ]

White Buffalo Girl Interview


An interview with Joe Starita